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At most Dental Readiness Events, dental exams and X-rays only are provided. Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists are needed to help take bitewing, periapical and panoramic radiographs using digital x-ray equipment, and also may need to help dentist record exam charting. When treatment is provided, dental assistants may be required to assist with restorative, oral surgery, endodontic or instrument sterilization procedures.

Join our Team today, and use your great dental skills to help us support our Troops!

What you need to get started:

  1. Dental Assistant or Dental Hygiene background - Minimum of two years of recent dental work related experience
  2. Current State certification / registration or license as may be required in the State where services are provided, to take dental x-rays
  3. Comfort / experience in using digital x-ray equipment
  4. Proficiency in taking dental bitewing radiographs
  5. Proficiency taking dental panoramic x-rays
  6. Proficiency in assisting with charting of dental exams
  7. Comfort working with computers
  8. If taking X-rays - ability to work standing for 8 hours
  9. Comfort working in fast paced non-traditional environment - Work does not happen in traditional dental clinics
    - Portable dental equipment is used
  10. Ability to work well with others in Team setting
  11. Military or Public Health experience desirable but not required
  12. US Citizenship or Permanent Resident / Green Card status required
  13. Ability to pass security background verification

Two steps are necessary to apply.

  1. Background check form needs to be completed
  2. Employment application needs to be completed

All work happens on site at Military Installations. Due to Military and RHRP security requirements, All Great Lakes Dental USA applicants are required to submit a background check. Background check must be submitted before completing application. Please follow the following instructions:

  1. In the location field, select "Logistics Health-Clinic Management"
  2. IMPORTANT: When you have completed the background check authorization, you will receive a reference number. The reference number will be listed on the last page after you submit your background check. It is a seven (7) digit number at the top of the page. PLEASE WRITE THIS DOWN – YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT THIS. Enter reference number below to proceed to the Great Lakes Dental USA application.
Start Background Check Now

If you have any questions about any of the above information please contact a Great Lakes Dental USA Representative at 414-988-6150