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Practice Overview

38 Event

Deploying out of 28 states

271 Dental
Team Members

Deploying out of 31 states

152 General Dentists,
Endodontists &
Oral Surgeons

Deploying out of 30 states

Work with us during your free time, and help us care for our Nation's Heroes. Opportunities to help vary depending on location. Most opportunities occur on weekends. Great compensation!

Benefits of Employment

As a member of the Great Lakes Dental USA Team, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with other highly qualified dental professionals nationwide to help complete our important mission of service to our Nation's Heroes, the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who so honorably serve our Country.

When Service Members are deployed, it has been found that the number one health problem to be faced is frequently dental related. Dental treatment during deployment is not easy and can become life threatening, especially when travel through harsh enemy terrain is involved to receive care. Our goal is to care for our Service Members while at home, so that they may be safe and healthy when deployed overseas.

Your dental skills and talents can help us complete this important mission.